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dining, drinking and shopping for food

  Our region is blessed with a number of excellent restaurants, all however at some distance from Oeuf, most in and around Hesdin. A list of restaurants that I have tried myself:

Les 3 Fontaines, 16 rue d'Abbeville, Marconne, tel 0321868165. A little East of Hesdin. Excellent traditional kitchen.

Au Fil du Temps, 4 avenue de Ste Austreberthe, Hesdin, tel 0321868308. Just off the proper town centre. Small and cosy, inventive chef. My personal favourite. Photo: Françis (contemplating the menu) and Danny, the owners.

La Brétèche, 19 rue du Général Daullé, Hesdin, tel 0321868087. Excellent traditional/regional kitchen. On your way to the loo you can watch the chef at work (behind glass).

l'Écurie, 17 rue Jacquemont, Hesdin, tel 0321868686. In terms of culinary level and atmosphere comparable to La Brétèche, in other words: excellent.


Les Flandres, 22 rue d'Arras, Hesdin, tel 0321868021. One of the oldest establishments in Hesdin. Traditional/regional kitchen.


La Garenne, 52-54 rue du 8 mai 1945, Huby Saint Leu, tel 0321869509. Just outside Hesdin and close to the Hesdin forest. Main attraction is its baroque/bohemian interior. Very popular with Brits.


La Poutrière, 25 rue de Bethune, Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, tel 0321032200. Seen from the road this restaurant could easily be mistaken for a tourist trap. It is in fact an excellent restaurant with a simple Italian kitchen and an accordingly modest price level. Friendly staff.


La Cour de Rémi, 1 rue Baillet, Bermicourt, tel 0321033333. At only seven kilometers from Oeuf (across the N39 though). Minimalistic interior, simple but good kitchen. Nicely situated in the former farm next to the château of the owners. Certainly worth a try!

Both Hesdin and Saint-Pol enjoy the luxury of a chip van on their central square. Here chips are still made from fresh potatoes (Dutch chip shops invariably use frozen pre-fried chips) and the mayonnaise they come with is genuine (in The Netherlands usually some starch based ersatz mayonnaise). Slightly bizarre, in Dutch eyes anyway, is the sandwich filled with chips they serve. Photo: Chez Christine in Hesdin.

Oeuf is believed to have had no less than seven pubs at one point in time. I don't think that any of these were very sophisticated but Oeuf was certainly well provided for. None of them has survived. The nearest pub (cum tobacconist) now is in Croisette.

Authentically French is the Café du Globe on the central square in Hesdin: apart from drinks it offers simple yet tasty dishes, fluorescent lighting and a televison set that never falls silent.

Certainly recommendable is l'estaminet 'Chès Deux Agaches' owned by Bruno Bachimont in Cavron-Saint-Martin. Cabinet maker Bachimont reproduces traditional wooden pub games that can be tried in his pub. 'Chès Deux Agaches', 120 route d'Aubin, Cavron-Saint-Martin, tel 0321814916.

Not next door but 'worth a detour' is music pub/crèperie Le Baladin in Torcy.

The village of Bours has a large rural nightclub, Le Kes West. The complex comprises several halls, each intended for a specific audience.

For most of their shopping the Oesiens must nowadays visit the shops and supermarkets in Saint-Pol and Hesdin. Yet, some items can be bought much closer to home, a few even in Oeuf itself.

Dairy products 'direct from the farm' are sold by Mr. Honoré (5 rue Croisette, Oeuf-en-Ternois, tel 0321413129).

Wines are also sold by the De Prémont family in the neighbouring village of Humières (5 rue du Bois, Humières, tel 0321045442).

The nearest bakery/grocery is in Fillièvres, at about seven kilometres from Oeuf (closed on Wednesdays).

La Chevriette in Framecourt, six kilometres from Oeuf, is the address for goat's cheese; you can get a tour of this farm as well (27 rue Principale, Framecourt, tel 0321413992).

Cow's milk cheese is the speciality of the abbey of Belval, four kilometres North of Saint-Pol. The abbey shop sells not just cheese but a variety of products, all made in French and Belgian abbeys.

See for a comprehensive list of regional products and the shops that sell them.

Weekly markets are held in Saint-Pol (Monday mornings), Frévent (Tuesday mornings) and Hesdin (Thursday mornings).

© 2005 - 2010 Rob Zeldenrust, Oeuf-en-Ternois, France.